Víctor Larco Herrera

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Víctor Larco Herrera



It is located in the south west of the province of Trujillo. El distrito de Víctor Larco Herrera, se origina como consecuencia de la proximidad al mar entre la ciudad de Trujillo y Buenos Aires.

This district was created on the initiative of a group of residents, represented by the deputy liberteño Alfredo Pinillos Goicochea on January 21st, 1943, with the name of district of Buenos Aires.

According to ancient inhabitants recount the Provincial Council of Trujillo gave the land to the families who wanted to populate this place. It was during the 1920s and 1930s about when Buenos Aires was inhabited with the first families who came to spend the summer; ended the summer and then left their homes until the following year.

Later switching to Victor Larco Herrera, in memory of the trujillano philanthropist who with their goods supported the first inhabitants of the district and the city of Trujillo.



Señor de Huamán Church

It dates from the sixteenth century. It was a temple destined to the evangelization of the indigenous peoples who worked on the estates of Spaniards. It emphasizes its facade of baroque style with paintings polychrome murals.

Formerly the church of Santiago de Huaman, was Advocada to the Virgin of La Merced, in charge of the Mercedarian friars. The building erected at the beginning of the 17th century, is without question the oldest standing Catholic temple in Trujillo.

Cuenta con una iglesia antigua, en la cual se veneran las imágenes del Señor de Huamán y del Señor del Mar, patronos del pueblo. Todos los años en el mes de mayo o junio, sus pobladores realizan una fiesta en honor a estas imágenes, a la cual acuden turistas de diversos puntos del país.

Location: Main Square of Huaman, Victor Larco district.



Paseo de Las Aguas

It is located on Victor Raul Avenue (Urb. San Andrés Sector V Stage I).

It has a tunnel of 18 meters long and 8 wide, and it has 60 outlets or water nozzles with lights on the floor and submersible different colors.

It has become a major attraction for adults and children, who gather every night to see this show of light and water.