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The District of Simbal is one of the 11 districts of the Province of Trujillo, located in the Department of La Libertad, belonging to the La Libertad Region, Peru.

The origin of Simbal goes back to the old Mochicas and Chimúes dynasties, fused with the culture of Laynap, La Tallana, Chavín, Markahuamachuco and others.

It is located to 35 the northwest of Trujillo. It is a natural and mistic place being a privileged space where you can appreciate part of the range of La Libertad mountains and remains in its own knoll pre- Inca cultures settled in Simbal.



Cerro Cruz Blanca

It is located to 4 km. of the town of Simbal, in the hamlet of the same name, on the right side of his square.

It is a place that combines the natural and the mystical, as it is a privileged space where you can appreciate part of the mountain range of the Sierra Liberteña and for having on its hill remains of pre-Inca cultures settled in Simbal.

It is an exceptional natural viewpoint where you can see part of the green valley of Santa Catalina and practice adventure and nature tourism.


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San Juan Bautista Church

It is located on Libertad Street, in front of the Main Square, dates back to 1565 as part of the evangelizing campaign.

It has a rectangular floor with a structure having a single ship barreled itself from the colonial era, which is supported by seven arches inside.

In the parish priest is the main altar where there is a mixed altarpiece of wood and metal and an image of the Lord of Mercy brought from Spain dating from 1605.

The formation of the Church belongs to the Augustinian order.