Forbes magazine highlights Trujillo as a tourist destination

Trujillo was included by the prestigious magazine Forbes among the 10 cheapest tourist destinations to travel in 2018. “The beaches of northern of Peru are an excellent option for low budget trips, and Trujillo is no exception,” the publication said.

In addition, the colonial style of the houses located in the Historic Center of the city and other adventure sports that can be performed in the place.

“The vibrant coastal city is flooded with warm-colored colonial facades that go back to being a colonial powerhouse, and offers excellent cultural and adventure activities, as well as exclusive restaurants that are surprisingly affordable (US $ 10 – US $ 15),” it says.

In addition, values that in the capital of La Libertad can find accommodation for less than US $ 65. The Regional Government highlighted this publication and said that this generates a responsibility because tourists who arrive in this part of the country should find a friendly city, clean and safe.

Source: web Perú 21