Remembering Dr. Santiago Uceda

One month is commemorated since the departure of the renowned and beloved archaeologist, teacher and researcher Santiago Uceda Castillo, who was in charge of the Huacas del Sol and Luna Archaeological Project and also the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Trujillo .

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the university prepared a small reminder and summary in tribute to his long and successful career:

Santiago Evaristo Uceda Castilla Santiago Uceda

Meritorious Personality of the Peruvian Culture, denominated “The Lord of the Huacas de Moche”. He  borned on October 12th, 1954 in Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad. He graduated in Archeology from the National University of Trujillo; He obtained the degree of Magister in Quaternary Geology at the University of Bordeaux I and the degree of Doctor of Science at the same university. As part of his long professional career, in 1991 he began his work as Director of the Archaeological Project Huacas del Sol and de la Luna, for which he won important awards: Academic Palms in the Order of Knight and Queen Sofia Award for Conservation and Restoration of Heritage (Spain, 2005); Medal of Honor of the Congress of the Republic of Peru in recognition of his outstanding work in research and for the conservation and enhancement of the Huaca de la Luna (Peru, 2010); made the Huaca de la Luna Project one of the top ten projects in archeology worldwide by Shanghai Archeology Forum (China, 2013) and Meritorious Personality of Culture (Peru, 2013). He has also had the highest academic and professional performance as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and teacher at the School of Archeology of the National University of Trujillo, giving them their internationalization, always ensuring the academic quality; among others.

In short, Dr. Santiago Uceda Castillo was a renowned personality of archeology, museums, research and in the safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, for them, the academic, archaeological, museological, cultural and university community will always remember it.

Source: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales – UNT.