Municipalidad Provincial de Trujillo

Subgerencia de Turismo
Jr. Pizarro 412, 1er piso.
Centro Histórico de Trujillo.
(044) 484 240 Anexo 317

Municipal Programs

We promote sustainable and competitive development of tourism in Trujillo, with the aim of improving the well-being of the population, ensuring the assessment and conservation of historical, natural and cultural national heritage.

Training and Technical Assistance to Providers Business Travel Services
Improve personal and competitive capabilities of those involved in the direct treatment of tourist services, to reevaluate and create an identity with the quality service by companies involved in the tourism sector.

Seal Certification Municipal Tourist Quality
Rating with the “Seal Municipal Tourist Quality” to lodging establishments, restaurants and travel agencies and tourism and related businesses.

Strengthening awareness and Tourism Culture
Contribute and improve the training of our students, who will make the multiplier effect on the educational community and the general community thus improving the image of our city.
Promote awareness and promotion of heritage of the Province of Trujillo through the identification and assessment of existing cultural and natural heritage in the province.

Marinera for All
Strengthens the cultural identity of the trujillana population through learning the Seafaring, recovering public spaces and promote the Historic Center of Trujillo as a place that retains its identity, tradition and culture alive through exhibits sailor, promoting tourism development sustainable in the Province of Trujillo.

Retretas Municipales “Porque lo Bueno Vuelve”
Promote local, social and cultural development in the area of its jurisdiction, with this program we promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of tourism and cultural value to public spaces for citizens is provided, giving life to the Historic Center Trujillo as safe and diffusion stage for music and national dances.

Tourism Events
Consolidate the destination Trujillo as a city of events and artistic and cultural activities in order to diversify tourism and thus increase the stay of tourists in our city, as well as providing a recreational families.
In such events it promotes and revalues our national heritage expressed in the traditions and customs that identify our gastronomic, craft and folk roots.