Frequent questions

Trujillo has a lot to show you, take an unforgettable experience in our city that will welcome you as part of your family. Welcome to the Capital of Eternal Spring.

Hospitals and Health Center

For any problem or health emergency, you will have many medical companies that can assist you.

 Hospital Regional de Trujillo
Av. Mansiche N° 795
Urb. Sánchez Carrión, Trujillo
(044) 481200

Hospital Víctor Lazarte Echegaray
Prolongación Unión N° 1350, Trujillo
(044) 216562

Hospital Belén de Trujillo
Jr. Bolívar N° 350
Centro Histórico de Trujillo
(044) 480200

SANNA / Clínica Sánchez Ferrer
Calle Los Laureles N°436
Urb. California, Víctor Larco Herrera
(044) 601050

Clínica Peruano Americana
Av. Mansiche N° 810
Urb. Santa Inés, Trujillo
(044) 242400 – 222493

Clínica San Pablo
Av. Húsares de Junín N° 690
Urb. La Merced, Trujillo
(044) 485244 – 636689

AUNA / Clínica Camino Real
Jirón Bolognesi N° 565
Centro Histórico, Trujillo
(044) 749300 – 749333

Other recommendations

    If you wish to purchase any tourist service to meet our attractions, recommend you to visit a travel agency that is licensed where you can hire the service you want.
    NEVER goes to someone who offers a tour on the street, that for any claim will be very difficult to help.
    You can use your electrical devices, whenever the voltage of your country is between 220V – 240V (as in Spain, UK, Australia and most countries of Asia and Africa).
    It is recommended to bring an adapter because the three types plugs are used.
    You can change dollars, euros and other foreign currencies in authorized exchange houses, hotels and banks. Do not change money on the streets.
    Credit cards most widely accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners.
    Although the national currency is the Nuevo Sol (S/), as an international currency the US dollar ($) is generally accepted in tourist establishments for payments.
    It has SERPOST service located in Jiron Independencia N ° 286, Phone: (044) 24-5941 / 20-0052 / 24-5941; its opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 20:00 and Sundays from 09:00 to 13:00.

Typical dishes and restaurants

If you arrive to Peru, definitely you hear of our cuisine.
If you came to Trujillo, you came to the right place to enjoy the northern gastronomy.
Our province exhibits in its restaurants many dishes that you can taste.


Where to eat? it will be easy, you have many options to eat inside and outside of Trujillo, but also we recommend you the restaurants that have the Seal of Tourist Quality.

Public transport and taxis

Many bus companies cross the city connecting with all its districts.
The following avenues are the main bus stops where you will find a bus line that takes you to your destination:
España Avenue
América Norte and Sur Avenue
Mochica Roundabout
Larco Roundabout
Grau Roundabout
Peru Avenue

Urban tickets cost one sol (S / 1.00), while the nearby districts as Huanchaco and Moche cost one sol and fifty cents (S / 1.50) and the districts further away as Simbal and Poroto an average of four soles (S / 4.00) .

Being in Trujillo, it will be very easy to move you toward to any specific point in the city; there are several Taxi companies  that you can contact them by calling to the branch of their companies or through international taxis applications .

Security and complaints

In addition, if you had a problem with your safety or the services provided, you can use the following offices that will help you with any complaint of a bad service:

    Comisaría de Ayacucho
    Jirón Ayacucho N° 458, Trujillo‎
    (044) 291436
    Tourism Police
    Jirón Almagro N° 443, Trujillo
    (044) 291705
    Central: (044) 484242 – 298734
    Av. España N° 506, Trujillo
    Emergencias: 116
    (044) 226495

Accommodations and Hotels

Our province has a great choice of accommodation, where you will find from guest houses to five star hotels.

We would definitley recommend you, the establishments that holding the Municipal Seal of Tourism Quality. The hotels that have a certification that the Municipality give it to comply with a list of established standards.
» Lista de Hospedajes y Hoteles recomendados.

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Tourist Information

If you need some information in Trujillo, you can go to any of the tourist information offices glad you attend:

Department of Tourism
Provincial Municipality of Trujillo
Jirón Pizarro N° 412 Primer Piso
Main Square of Trujillo
Visiting Hours: Monday to Friday – From 7:15 to 15:00.
Saturday: 9:00 to 12:00.
Phone: (044) 484249 Anexo 317

Tourist Information and Assistance
Jirón Independencia N° 467 Oficina 106
Main Square of Trujillo
Visiting Hours: Monday to Sunday – From 08:30 to 22:00.

Tourism Police
Jirón Almagro N° 443
Main Square of Trujillo
Visiting Hours: Monday to Saturday – From 09:00 to 18:00.
Sundays – From 09:00 to 13:00.

How to get there and how much use it to travel?


By Land: The communication with all the cities of the coast is through the Pan American Highway. It is located to 559 km. from Lima, at an approximate of 9 hours by bus.
The output frequency of buses is continuous, since there are a large number of transport companies with different services.
The prices are from 25 to 120 soles, depending on the service you wish to take.
By Air: There are direct flights from Lima International Airport Captain FAP. Carlos Martinez de Pinillos that is located in the district of Huanchaco.
It has a daily frequency of 6 flights a day approximately.
By Sea: Through the Port of Salaverry that is located to 15 km. to the south of Trujillo.
From here we receive recognized cruise lines, that certain period come to visit our city.

Trujillo has a variety of attractions to meet, highlighting its archaeological sites that show the historical legacy of an empire that spanned much of the country.
To visit them, the overall cost of entry to any place is 10 soles for an adult.
In addition, our Historical Center has colonial and republican mansions and churches, both of architecture that mostly are of European influence, like furniture and some pieces of art will be captivated by its beauty, the same as they are free admission most of them with different schedules.
We also invite you to visit our museums inside and outside the city.
If you are looking for sun and beach, we have Huanchaco and Las Delicias, if you just want an alternative adventure, we recommend you to visit Conache where you can practice sandboarding and taking pictures in the lagoon.

In the historical center there are some establishments that accept dollars, but we recommend you that when you arrive in Trujillo go to an exchange house and always count with soles.
You can find many exchange houses especially in the Historical Center, the main foreign currencies accepted are the US dollar and the Euro.
Check the exchange rate:


According to the establishment you look for, you can find dishes from 7 soles, you can find “menus” that consist of starter, second and soft drink for 6 soles approximately ; but if you want to try one of our dishes you can request dishes a la carte from about 15 soles.
In Trujillo you find all kinds of restaurants for every taste.