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 2013 057 Poroto

The District of Poroto is located in the valley of Santa Catalina, in the department of La Libertad, 40 km east of the Province of Trujillo, on the right bank of the river Moche, in the plains of the western mountain range of northern Peru .

Before Poroto was categorized into a district in March 1964, it was a population with few inhabitants dedicated to the agriculture of cassava and cane, which has now become one of the best known places thanks to the production of pineapple, cassava, avocado , sugar cane and many more fruits.

These crops provide a rich food that can be found in many country restaurants and small relax accommodations.

The first settlers tell that when they arrived at the place, they found on all sides this wild vegetable stew called “poroto” and from there comes the name of the district.




The area is privileged due to the large number of puquios emanating from the subsoil which greatly favors agriculture.

The cultivation of pineapple is the most opted by farmers, due to the power of reuse of the land (about 5 years) and the little irrigation that is needed (practically 1 month is not irrigated), basically taking advantage of the aquifer outcrops of the zone.



2013 050 Poroto

Cerro La Cruz Viewpoint

A rocky promontory surrounded by houses, which connects directly with the town of Poroto and its Main Square, through a set of bleachers.

At the top we find a platform which serves to that visitors can have a panoramic view of the place. There is also an urn with the design of a cross inside.