Tingana higlighted by the OAS and UNWTO


The world tourism organization (UNWTO) and the Organization of American States (OAS) highlighted the “Tingana” rural community tourism project, located on the Moyobamba district region of San Martin, as an outstanding example for the tourism industry and other touristic projects around the world.  This Achievement was possible thanks to the community’s exceptional touristic management and natural resource preservation, along with the Ministry of International Commerce and Tourism (MINCETUR) advice. Tingana

Tingana is known for their ecotouristic activities, becoming a sanctuary for local wildlife, specially Primates and birds, including endangered species, all protected by the community for the world to appreciate. This management of this income constitute the other ingredient for Tingana’s success, since 10% of the total income is given to the local families (a monthly income of 800 Soles), then 40% for maintenance and business expenses and finally 50% for forest preservation.

The MINCETUR pointed that this achievement was published on the “Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals” develop by both entities, this way Tingana is part of a total of 14 study cases that portrait the importance and potential of sustainable tourism as a mean for sustainable development and inclusive growth in the Americas.

Source: “Gestion” Newspaper