The Provincial Municipality of Trujillo launches Tourist Route Night

Free activity seeks to strengthen identity and value the historical heritage.
With the purpose of strengthening the cultural identity of the Trujillanos and granting the tourist a new option in their agenda of visits, the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo (MPT) initiated the new Tourist Route Night in the Historic Center.
This includes, at the launch stage, free and guided visits to the Municipal Theater, House of Emancipation, Cultural Center of the Bank of the Nation and culminates in the Municipal Palace.
The cultural activity starts on August 10th, and although all the quotas to enter have been covered, the MPT will soon be opening a new call to participate in this free circuit.


“This program is a success. Quotas have already been completed and a new date will soon be announced for more Trujillanos to register. We hope to continue offering this route, first to the Trujillanos, and then to the tourists because there are many Trujillanos who do not know our monuments nor their history. “Said the Deputy Manager of Tourism of the provincial commune, Miriam Gayoso Paredes.

In turn, he added that other attractions will be added later to visit as what is now the Central Reserve Bank, the Casa de la Identidad that has historical importance because there was guarded the first flag of Peru, and also the Mayorazgo Of Facala house, the Deza house and important temples.”These circuits are born because from the commune we are trying to innovate and improve the tourist offer and not to focus on something that has been giving for years and we do not leave of there. The time of stay and overnight of the tourist in Trujillo is 1.5 and 2 days at the most, as we do not present a more diverse nightly offer. “Said Gayoso Paredes.

She also stressed the importance of what is called experiential tourism. “It is what we call intelligent tourist products or that generate sensations such as the marinera or the gastronomy, a ride in horses of totora, a session of shamanism that is being offered in the complex El Brujo, and that are causing a great response of the tourism . That is a living culture, which attracts tourists. “

Source: Portal Web

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