Improvement of the Main Square of Trujillo

Improvement project of Tourist Services of the Main Square of Trujillo, Historical Center considers the total return of almost 9,700 square meters of polished concrete floor for concrete floor mechanical finishing with material that keeps the two characteristics of existing pavement most valued by the user that are the glossy finish and tonality.

The floor and a great part of the urban furniture is in regular and poor state of conservation, presenting settlement and cracks that puts at risk the physical integrity of passers-by, especially of the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities is also observed, lack of maintenance in benches, street lamps, green areas and paper mills.

The intervention project presented by the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo also proposes the authorization of 3 new lampposts, in addition to the relocation, maintenance and painting of the 48 existing lampposts, installation of 51 metal halide lamps and 47 decorative luminaires for green areas.

plaza mayor

The specialists of the Decentralized Direction of Culture of La Libertad will be in charge of supervising the project of improvement of the Plaza de Armas de Trujillo that will execute in the next months the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, and according to the technicians of said institution the relocation of Some luminaires located in the central axes, will facilitate the free pedestrian transit.

The project does not include the intervention to the monument of La Libertad, and complies with what is established by the National Building Regulations and the rules in force for interventions in real estate that are part of the cultural heritage.


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