Marinera para todos and Sábados de Retreta

Trujillo city hall (MPT) on its endeavor to recover public spaces on our city, especially on the historical center, continues with its cultural programs through the tourism office and the programs “Marinera para todos” and “Retretas municipales”. maryenero3-01

retretaenero1-01Like every Friday starting at 10:30 a.m on la Merced , the “Marinera para todos” program will continue with the Marinera couples exhibitions, whose steps keep dazzling Trujillo’s inhabitant every weekend, besides the lessons on the basics of our traditional dance, which has become a national pride and one of Trujillo’s most recognizable manifestations worldwide.  The program is held on the traditional historical center of the city. 

In addition to this, the Plaza de armas is the scenario for the “Retretas”, a program that gathers performances of both the municipality’s musician band and dancers every Saturday at 6 p.m to provide good entertainment for our city and its visitors.  Program that highlights the beauty of one the best scenarios our city has, and the very best of local folklore: Marinera dance.

“Our goal is to gather both locals and visitors on the public spaces  our historical center provide, this spaces make providing cultural entertainment for everyone  possible” said the head of the tourism office Miram Gayoso.

It is also worth mentioning that last year’s 57 “Marinera para todos” editions gathered 11, 980 attendees; meanwhile the 46 “retretas” from last year gathered 22 090 participants who enjoyed the Saturday afternoon presentations.

 Source:  MPT informs