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Centro Histórico de Trujillo.
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Nearby places

The traditional town of Moche maintains its Indian tradition to be heirs of one of the most flourishing societies in our history tradition: The Moche.

Laredo district is related to the appearance of man on the earth since the Stone Age.

A place that combines the natural and the mystical things, an exceptional natural viewpoint where you can see part of the green valley of Santa Catalina and practice adventure  and nature tourism.

It is the district producer pineapple, yucca, avocado, sugarcane and many more fruits. These crops provide a rich food that can be found in many country restaurants and small relax accommodations.

Currently, Huanchaco is one of the most crowded resorts of the Peruvian coastfor the beauty of its beaches.

Next to the urban area near to the beach also presents attractive urban areas with its typical wooden architecture port republican houses, it is also a place for sandboarding fans .