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Laredo district is related to the appearance of man on earth, from the stone age.

It features archaeological remains as Caballo Muerto located in Galindo with an approximate age of 1,200 years a.C.; the Cerro Oreja that is a rock formation located in the annex of Santo Domingo, with numerous vestiges like walls, housing terraces, sidewalks, cemeteries, ceremonial enclosures.


 Laredo alto de guitarra Petroglyphs of Cerro Alto de las Guitarras where ancient figures are printed in numerous blocks of stones with undeciphered messages and the action of time can not erase them; and irrigation canals Pre-Inca as Vichanzao, El Moro, Quirichuac, Menocucho, and the sluice The Moche, who are still working.


One of its main tourist attractions is the Conache Lagoon where can be seen cattails and rushes reserves, in addition to imposing forests of carob trees growing around the lake and varied fauna too. You can perform various activities such as boating, tilapia fishing with hook and hikes by large dunes and the possibility of sandboarding.

The ecological reserve is located near the Pampas de San Juan, in the Conache village, jurisdiction of the  population center of Santo Domingo in the district of Laredo.

Around the site there are dunes ideal for the practice of sandboarding (slide by sand) and a small carob forest that set the site as an ecosystem that we need to protect. Various activities can be done such as boating, tilapia fishing with hook and hiking through the beautiful nature.


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