Indecopi: travel agencies must comply with all offered

Indecopi reminded travel agency suppliers that they should provide all the information about the services included in the contracted tourist packages, since consumers have the right to have relevant and timely information to make an appropriate decision.
As part of its campaign “Vacaciones Seguras en Fiestas Patrias 2017”, the institution stressed that the tourist service must be provided under contracted conditions, since consumers can not be forced to pay sums or surcharges in excess of the reported price, unless Services other than the one originally contracted.
“Failure to comply with consumer protection rules may require a penalty ranging from a warning to a fine of 450 ITU, in serious cases,” warned Indecopi.

This entity revealed that, from July 2013 to June 2017, it has sanctioned 205 suppliers of 426 travel agencies and other transport services at the national level, amounting to 493 ITU, mainly due to lack of attention to complaints, lack of Suitability of the service, not to make available to the user the Book of Claims, among other faults to the Consumer Code.



Indecopi pointed out to consumers that they have purchased a package tour, take into account a series of tips to make your experience in this long holiday, be satisfactory:

-Contract a formal agency, giving payment forms or other document to support a possible complaint or complaint.
– Check the “Look who you buy” registry of Indecopi (, where you can verify if the chosen agency has been previously sanctioned.
– Verify that the agency has transportation service, tourist programs, as well as the availability of places to be visited, in order to avoid non-compliance with itineraries and schedules.
– Have clear information on flight stopovers, airport charges, luggage limits, appropriate clothing, distances to the destination hotel, among others.
– Advertisements for package promotions should include clear information on the minimum number of units available.
– If the agency can not comply with what is offered, the consumer is entitled to the replacement of the service contracted by another similar service or to the total repayment of the paid.
– If you feel that your rights as a consumer have been violated, you can turn to the Claims Book, which currently allows conciliatory agreements, for the direct solution of conflicts between suppliers and consumers.

It also reminded that the Citizen’s Service of Indecopi is available to you, by phone 224-7777 for Lima and 0800-4-4040 for regions, sending an email to o presentando su reclamo de forma virtual a través del aplicativo móvil “Reclamos Indecopi”, gratis para los dispositivos Android.

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