Peruvian Gastronomy in The New York Times

With the aim of showing the diversity of Peruvian gastronomy to the world, PROMPERÚ and the prestigious The New York Times of the United States have developed a series of contents that consists of a report and seven videos that will be broadcast in the online platform, in which chefs ‘Generacion con Causa’ are the protagonists.

The material produced, which reach about 130 million people, the experiences of Ignacio Barrios, Matías Cillóniz, Francesco de Sanctis, Rebeca Delgado, Arlette Eulert and Palmiro Ocampo, young chefs showing their talent and ingenuity in the kitchen without losing their roots, conveying to the world that Peruvian cuisine is constantly growing and evolving, but maintains a solid and multidiversa base.
The so-called “Cuarta Generación de Cocineros del Perú” or “Generación con Causa” is represented by around 50 young Peruvian chefs residents in Lima, provinces and other countries whose mission is to continue consolidating the foundations of Peruvian cuisine.
These young chefs will actively participate in the various presentations made by the Peru national and international level, to represent us and to publicize its gastronomic proposal.
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