Macchu Pichu wins the Virtuoso Travel dreams Tournamet 2018

Macchu Picchu came out on the top of the Virtuoso travel dreams tournament 2018, the first contest held by the Virtuoso Travel blog, competition that gathered 16 top destination from around the world, giving the ancient Incan Citadel a bigger spotlight as one of the most desired destinations. After competing for 3 weeks and overcoming 4 voting rounds, our magnificent historic sanctuary surpassed destinations like the Swiss Alps, Paris, Greece, Tuscany and the Galapagos islands, amongst others, winning against New Zealand on the final round.  The Virtuoso life Blog described the destination as   “the fifteenth-century Incan citadel – is a worthy champion, with its towering green peaks and stunning mazes of plazas, palaces, terraces, and temples. Whether you choose to train it or trek it to this mystic city, Machu Picchu definitely deserves its dream trip status.” On its final announcement of the contest. The national office of Exports and tourism promotion PROMPERU announced the existence of the contest and encouraged travelers to vote for our destination, the same that is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Machu Picchu

Thanks to this achievement, Macchu Picchu will have a special feature on the next edition of the virtuoso life magazine, published by the Virtuoso network the one that gathers the best luxury travel agencies in US and over 17 and half thousand-travel advisors worldwide. This recognition adds up the series of honors the Incan citadel has achieved on recent years thanks to the large number of articles that classify it as one of the best places to visit and a must go destination. On the other hand, the citadel is one of the most posted places on Instagram, social network that tells multiple stories of users having their breaths taken away by beauty of the citadel.

As PROMPERU recently announced, 2017 was the year were Peru was consolidated as the favorite destination in South America for American Visitors with 598 685 arrivals, surpassing Colombia and Brazil that come on Second and Third place respectively. According to the International tourist profile, the US visitor spends around US$ 1485, meanwhile other international guests spend an average of  US$ 964, money usually spent on activities focused on culture, nature and adventure.