Fundación Española de Trujillo

Un día como hoy 05 de marzo de 1535, el Adelantado y Gobernador Francisco Pizarro llegó a tierra Mochica a terminar la fundación de la Villa de Trujillo junto con 31 vecinos, disponiendo lo siguiente: Repartió el territorio creando la Encomienda, repartió los lotes para vivienda (solares). Designo al Primer Cabildo conformado por Rodrigo Lozano y Blas de Atienza, lo juramentó luego levanto el acta de Fundación. Trujillo cumple 483 años de Fundación Española.

fundacion de trujillo

Launch of the Vive Trujillo App

Trujillo counts today with a mobile application with category of “Destiny Guide”. It contains information about our city and its surroundings to guide visitors, tourists and even the Trujillanos themselves.
The Tourism Deparment of the MPT, made available to the community this important tool of current communication with information of tourist sites (museums, archaeological sites, houses, cultural centers, beaches) and service companies with Municipal Seal for Tourism Quality .It has special sections such as “Personalize your experience” where we can provide the user with alternatives to visit according to their requirements and time in the city and the “Trivia Trujillo” entertainment section to challenge our knowledge about the city.
Download it in

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Remembering Dr. Santiago Uceda

One month is commemorated since the departure of the renowned and beloved archaeologist, teacher and researcher Santiago Uceda Castillo, who was in charge of the Huacas del Sol and Luna Archaeological Project and also the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Trujillo .

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the university prepared a small reminder and summary in tribute to his long and successful career:

Santiago Evaristo Uceda Castilla Santiago Uceda

Meritorious Personality of the Peruvian Culture, denominated “The Lord of the Huacas de Moche”. He  borned on October 12th, 1954 in Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad. He graduated in Archeology from the National University of Trujillo; He obtained the degree of Magister in Quaternary Geology at the University of Bordeaux I and the degree of Doctor of Science at the same university. As part of his long professional career, in 1991 he began his work as Director of the Archaeological Project Huacas del Sol and de la Luna, for which he won important awards: Academic Palms in the Order of Knight and Queen Sofia Award for Conservation and Restoration of Heritage (Spain, 2005); Medal of Honor of the Congress of the Republic of Peru in recognition of his outstanding work in research and for the conservation and enhancement of the Huaca de la Luna (Peru, 2010); made the Huaca de la Luna Project one of the top ten projects in archeology worldwide by Shanghai Archeology Forum (China, 2013) and Meritorious Personality of Culture (Peru, 2013). He has also had the highest academic and professional performance as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and teacher at the School of Archeology of the National University of Trujillo, giving them their internationalization, always ensuring the academic quality; among others.

In short, Dr. Santiago Uceda Castillo was a renowned personality of archeology, museums, research and in the safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, for them, the academic, archaeological, museological, cultural and university community will always remember it.

Source: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales – UNT.

Fourth Marinera for all Festival

Trujillanos, visitors and tourists were present at this 4th Festival “Marinera para Todos” that took place last Saturday, February 10 at the Inca Coliseum with the participation of great personalities and sailor dancers who made themselves present by vibrating the hearts of big and small.
On behalf of the Deparment of Tourism of the MPT, organizers of the event, we appreciate the participation of the renowned composer Lucy De Mantilla; María Del Carmen Olórtegui Risco, Meritorious Personality of Culture; the talented dancer and composer Jeanpiere Villanueva Sánchez, highlighting the presence of the family of who in life was Don Manuel Goicochea Ríos, great composer of beautiful marineras.
We also appreciate the participation of the academies:  “Mis Tres Amores”, “Herencia de campeones”, Casa de la Juventud, “Orígenes Moche”, “Minchanzaman”, the dancers who accompanied us, the Band of the 32nd Infantry Brigade of the Peruvian Army and the MPT Music Band.

Festival Marinera para todos (19)Festival Marinera para todos (16)

Festival Marinera para todos (17)

Festival Marinera para todos (11)

Festival Marinera para todos (14)

Festival Marinera para todos (18)

Festival Marinera para todos (15)

Festival MPT

Festival Marinera para todos (12)Festival Marinera para todos (10)

Festival Marinera para todos (13)

Fourth Marinera for all Festival

By the fourth consecutive year returns the traditional Festival Marinera para todos, event that will summon the maximum representatives of our ancestral dance, as well as dancers and academies that will delight the public from Trujillo and foreigners.

This festival comes thanks to the successful cultural program of the Deparment of Tourism  of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, “Marinera para todos”.

The appointment is this Saturday, February 10th at the facilities of the Inca Coliseum at 5:00 p.m. at 7:00 p.m.


IV Festival Marinera para todos

Forbes magazine highlights Trujillo as a tourist destination

Trujillo was included by the prestigious magazine Forbes among the 10 cheapest tourist destinations to travel in 2018. “The beaches of northern of Peru are an excellent option for low budget trips, and Trujillo is no exception,” the publication said.

In addition, the colonial style of the houses located in the Historic Center of the city and other adventure sports that can be performed in the place.

“The vibrant coastal city is flooded with warm-colored colonial facades that go back to being a colonial powerhouse, and offers excellent cultural and adventure activities, as well as exclusive restaurants that are surprisingly affordable (US $ 10 – US $ 15),” it says.

In addition, values that in the capital of La Libertad can find accommodation for less than US $ 65. The Regional Government highlighted this publication and said that this generates a responsibility because tourists who arrive in this part of the country should find a friendly city, clean and safe.

Source: web Perú 21

“Piccolo” Clemente runner-up of the Longboard World Championship in China

Benoit “Piccolo” Clemente obtuvo la medalla de plata en el Campeonato Mundial de Longboard realizado en China, en la categoría individual masculino, la corona fue para el hawaiano Kai Sallas.


Kai Sallas fue el campeón en una final apretada ya que totalizó 19.04 puntos sobre los 16.73 del peruano. En la misma serie también corrieron los estadounidenses Tony Silvagni y Kevin Skvarna, a quienes Clemente superó para asegurar la plata.

El bronce fue para Silvani, en cuanto a las mujeres, María Fernanda Reyes, también realizó una excelente performance en el evento, tuvo la opción de poder meterse en la gran final, a pesar de haber caído a repechaje pudo recuperarse surfeando sólido hasta llegar a la última instancia de la repesca.

En esa serie no pudo con la brasilera, Chloe Calmon (15.94) y la estadounidense Tory Gilkerson (15.87), frenando su pase a la final.

Fuente: Portal Web

The Chan Chan Museum is awarded as the best tourist attraction

The award ceremony of the El Trujillano de Oro competition promoted by the Trujillano Pride Collective brought together dozens of winners in various categories that included gastronomy, archeological sites, personalities, among others.
In the framework of this ceremony, María Elena Córdova Burga was awarded in her capacity as Director of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex Special Project, entity in charge of ensuring World Heritage.

chan chan 2

The online voting began in July and ended in December 2017, registering more than 40 thousand votes. The voting counted with the participation of Notary Public.
The massive participation in the Facebook page with Orgullo Trujillano also included comments from trujillanos that currently reside in other cities of Peru and the world.

The Chan Chan Site Museum and the Archaeological Complex occupied the first place in its category competing between 10 Trujillo museums and 20 tourist attractions.
The comments and reactions in favor of Chan Chan and its museum generated a positive trend in favor of the archaeological site included in the Unesco World Heritage List since 1986.

María Elena Córdova Burga highlighted the work of her Sector that has brought the archaeological site and its museum closer to the population, generating in them a valuable sense of cultural appropriation.
“The works of prevention, conservation and research are not only contributing to the preservation of the heritage site but also contributing new scientific knowledge about Chan Chan.”

Source: Poral Web Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura – La Libertad.

North of Peru: Best places to travel in 2018

The fascinating north of our country was recognized before the eyes of the world. According to the magazine Conde Nast Traveler of the United States, this macro-region is one of the best places to travel during 2018.


The list, prepared by editors of the magazine based on their recommendations and experiences, includes 18 must-see destinations, such as Antarctica, South Korea, Petra, Malta and Peruvian attractions, such as Chan Chan, Huaca de la Luna, Gocta waterfall and Leymebamba.


A very timely recognition for the north of our country, which after a difficult year, is already with the tourist infrastructure in optimal conditions to receive tourists from all over the world. In this way, the work of PROMPERÚ is reflected in the promotion of different areas with great potential and in the decentralization of tourism.

The complete list of places to travel in 2018, at the link:

Source: Boletín Virtual PROMPERU N° 14


Fair organized by the Chamber of Commerce hopes to congregate liberteñas families, national and international tourists.
The 15th Pisco Sour Day and the 14th Gastronomic Festival of Trujillo was launched at a press conference by the Chamber of Commerce and Production of La Libertad (CCPLL), through its Tourism Committee. This event will be held on Saturday, February 3rd at the Mall Plaza from 10:00 a.m.

Sin título

It should be noted that, at the national level, the CCPLL is the only trade association that celebrates our “flag drink” with a fair that promotes the development of local entrepreneurs dedicated to the gastronomic sector. Due to its significant trajectory, this contest is positioned in the official touristic calendar of our region, thanks to the fact that it spreads our cultural identity and integrates the liberteñas families.

“It is an opportunity that not only will allow the promotion of local businesses, but also the space will be propitious to share between family and friends. We hope again the success of this great event, “said the president of the CCPLL, Hermes Escalante Añorga.
This fair led by the Chamber of Commerce has the support of the Regional Government of La Libertad (GRLL), the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo (MPT) and the Ministry of Production.


This festival, which will bring together Trujillo families, tourists and the general public, will have 40 booths of modern infrastructure, wide and safe, where diners will taste local cuisine and pisco sour in its different variations. In addition, they can enjoy a diverse musical show.
It is necessary to highlight that, for the second time, the main plaza of Mall Plaza (in front of Ripley and the International Clinic) will be the scene of the 15th Pisco Sour Day and the 14th Gastronomic Festival of Trujillo, on Saturday, February 4th from the 10:00 am