Peruvian coffee at Starbucks -Spain

The international chain put on sale in its more than 65 shops and cafes all over the Iberian country the “Starbucks Origin Espresso Peru Cusco”, line prepared from grains originating in Quillabamba.

In this way, the international chain relaunched the promotional campaign of Peruvian coffee, which in 2015, went to more than two thousand stores in 20 countries in Europe. On this occasion, this initiative was launched with the slogan of “Smooth complexity in each sip” and will continue throughout the spring of 2017.

cafe peruano

“Starbucks Origin Espresso Peru Cusco” is the line that the renowned brand has relaunched with the Arabica coffee, a species that in Peru grows to 1,600 meters above sea level in the area of Quillabamba (Cusco) and is characterized by an almond flavor, balanced and of good acidity. Experts also say that their toast gives it that special touch that makes it ideal for drinking it pure or with milk.

Datu: In 2016, total exports of Peruvian coffee amounted to US $ 761 million, with the main destinations being the United States (US $ 218), Germany (US $ 194), Belgium (US $ 80), Sweden $ 41) and Canada ($ 36).

Source: Promperú