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Caballo Peruano de Paso



In the conquest and colonization of America, the Spaniards used horses as their best weapons. These animals brought to the new world the genotypic and phenotypic conditions inherited from the Spanish native herds and from the Berber horses that formed the ancient Andalusian horse brought by the Spaniards to the American Continent.

The Peruvian de Paso horse would inherit from the Andalusian the elevation of the previous members, in turn inheritance of the Frison imported by the Spaniards and the Berber amble and some phenotypic features.

The climate, soils and pastures of the new Viceroyalty of Peru were forming horses of great musculature, compact tendons and resistant helmets.

The coastal geography formed an austere horse in the feeding of great resistance in the hard days through the desert, obtaining by selection, horses able to withstand the inclemencies of the geographical environment improving its faculties, perfecting its mechanics of movement, increasing its rusticity, to go selecting a horse that will transport the rider more quickly and comfortably.

Already in the colonizing stage, it was necessary to form a horse for the times of peace. The sensitivity of the breeder of the new Viceroyalty of Peru made the race of Andalusians adapt to travel through the desertic geography of the coast as well as the valleys that cross it from east to west.




All these factors led to the formation of a soft horse because by moving its center of gravity forward – leaning slightly towards one side – it transports the rider without the rigors of the trot of other races that move it up and forward.

Its rusticity, accompanied by its mechanics of movement in its form of movement, it has made the Peruvian de Paso Horse the best average of performance during long and long distance horseback riding.

After more than four hundred years the breeder of step horses has created one of the most beautiful breeds of horses, an exceptional combination that contains comfort, rusticity, strength, longevity, brilliance and beauty in a single race that produces the best horse of chair of the world “CABALLO PERUANO DE PASO”.

In Trujillo, you can live the experience of knowing a unique race in the world: the Caballo de Paso Peruano, recognized worldwide, due to the different characteristics that distinguish it from other breeds of horses, being the most notorious and famous its way of walking: the steps, from where it receives its name; it is a movement that gives much brilliance to the Peruvian horse.

In the city, there are daily exhibitions of 45 minutes where they offer a show that includes marinera norteña. It is in charge of the Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Paso Horses and it is located four kilometers from downtown, in Via de Evitamiento Km. 569 in the district of Víctor Larco Herrera.


Caballos de Paso de la Hacienda Mamacona

Schedule of the show: From Monday to Sunday: 13:30 to 14:45 hrs.
Fee: 30.00 soles for adults and 10.00 soles for children.
Cellphone: (044) 948 315 055 – 948 315 056.