Promperú seeks to attract Chinese tourists

As part of the strategy that is being carried out to spread the various destinations that Peru can offer to the Chinese traveler, PROMPERÚ organizes the 1st Trading Exchange for the Chinese Market, with the assistance of 43 national companies and 26 from the Asian giant. This event will be attended by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros Küppers.
This event seeks to strengthen the commercialization with the Chinese market, which is growing steadily at an average annual rate of 33%. In that sense, it is estimated that the companies of that country – from the main cities issuing Chinese travel: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhaou – will have about 900 business appointments with their Peruvian peers.
turistas chinos
This is the first marketing event for this market, so we have great business expectations, considering that preliminary work has been done with Chinese companies that have taken a specialization course in Peru. Likewise, Peruvian operators have been trained in negotiation and knowledge of Chinese culture, which will allow adjusting travel programs to the expectations of the Chinese traveler in terms of their demands and preferences.
This is of vital importance considering that, according to data from the World Tourism Organization (WTO), China will be in 2020 the main market for tourists worldwide.
The Asian companies arrived in Peru as part of a familiarization trip, an activity organized by PROMPERÚ so that they can get to know first hand the different tourist attractions of our country and that allowed them to travel through Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Loreto.
It should be noted that since September of last year, tourists from China who have a visa to the United States, Canada, England, Australia and the European Union can enter Peruvian territory for a maximum of 180 days.
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Starts International Book Fair

For the sixth consecutive year, the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo inaugurated the International Book Fair of Trujillo, as we know, the FILT is an inclusive and diverse cultural space in which the citizen easily accesses the book and identifies reading as a means to its development and that of the community.

FB_IMG_1499701611472FILT brings together publishers that offer different options to the reader and develops a varied artistic program, becoming a meeting point for people from different social contexts who come to enjoy this cultural festival that revolves around books and reading.

The Fair will run until November 22nd at Plazuela El Recreo, the theme of this edition being the 125th anniversary of the birth of César Vallejo.

Source: Web Diario El Correo /  @FeriaInternacionaldelLibroTrujillo


In the framework of the World Tourism Day, the Tourism Department of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo will hold the “Challenges of Sustainable Tourism for the Development of Trujillo Conference “, an activity directed at the tourism sector and public in general. The conference will be held on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:00 pm in the facilities of  Casa Andina Hotel.

Admission is completely free and will certified to the first 100 registered. Limited Capacity



The Department of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo certify the travel and tourism agency “Minorte Travel” with the municipal seal of Tourist Quality, on September 13th.

With this, we seek to motivate companies to improve the quality of the offer they offer, guaranteeing to the tourist consumer that the product or services they receive, comply with the quality standards established as a company, in equipment, personnel, image and service and in this way increase the demand and permanence of the tourists.

Minorte travel

First Tour to “Miraflores Cementery”

Ruta Cementerio MirafloresThe Deparment of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo carried out the “First Historical Route to the Miraflores General Cemetery” the last Tuesday 05th of Setember of this year, an activity aimed at publicizing the cultural, historical and tourist potential with which this graveyard has.

The benefited public enjoyed an hour and forty minutes of travel through the main barracks, tombs and mausoleums of the different personalities and popular saints that are part of the history of our city. It also detailed the importance of architecture and funeral iconography within this cemetery.

In the coming days will be announced the new tourist routes that this dependency has been doing for the benefit of the local population.

A special thanks to the Public Welfare of Trujillo for the facilities provided for the development of this visit.

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Fifth Festival of Marinera Cantada

For the fifth consecutive year the Department of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo organizes the “Festival of Marinera Cantada”.
marinera cantada

Activity to be held on September 20th and 21st of this year at the premises of the Municipal Theater, at 9:00  to 13:00.

This festival will be developed as a competition that will be aimed at elementary and high school students of the different educational institutions of the province, which aims to revalue the lyrics of our traditional dance and make known the most outstanding authors.

In that sense, it has as one of its objectives the promotion and revaluation of the national heritage expressed in the traditions and customs that allow to identify the roots of the locality of origin; in order to reinforce this aspect and encourage the traditional Trujillo culture among the children and youth of the city, where the participants will be able to investigate and learn the lyrics of the songs, as well as the music and the message of each one of them. the letters.

Entry to the event is totally free.

Tour to Miraflores Cemetery

As part of the program of the activities of the Department of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, on Tuesday September 05th will be carried out a Tourist Historical Route to Miraflores Cemetery, which houses various illustrious figures that transcended in the history of our city. The aim of this visit is to diversify tourism in the province and publicize the historical potential that has this cemetery.

Registration is done in the office of the Department of Tourism, from Monday to Friday in the time of 8:00 to 15:00 . Limited capacity.


“Marinera para todos” Program in Chan Chan

An special edition of “Marinera Para Todos” program of the Deputy of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo,  moved to the Chayhuac An Project of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex with the purpose of strengthening the identity of our national dance in the workers that work in the conservation of our cultural legacy.

marinera chan chan

Guided tours with educational institutions

Students of educational institutions Juan Pablo II of urb. Covicorti, Medalla Milagrosa of urb. La Rinconada e Ignacio Chopitea of Laredo district were able to learn and enrich their knowledge of the pre-Columbian culture of Chan Chan, thanks to the program Guided Tours of the Deputy of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo.

BeFunky Collage

Tourist Promotion of Trujillo in Cusco

To position our city as a tourist destination, the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, through the Deputy Manager of Tourism, he announced that a delegation of the mayor commune will visit the city of Cusco the 18th and 19th August, to form part of a shows where the main attractions of our city will be displayed.

It will be a delegation formed by 23 people, headed by the provincial mayor who will expose the different tourist offers to all Cusco citizens and national and international tourists.

Among the activities to be developed are the presentation of a conference on the Lady of Cao, our varied tourism, among other aspects.

In the same way is planned a visit to the tour operators, as well as the municipal program “Marinera para todos” in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

It should be noted that this work seeks to position Trujillo as an important city within the tourism sector and above all provide more details of the different attractions with which it counts.

Conferencia Trujillo en Cusco

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