The new Tourism Vice Minister

During the opening ceremony of the Beyond South America Summit 2018, the International Commerce and Tourism Minister, Roger Valencia announced Liz Chirinos Cuadros as the new Tourism vice Minister.

T- news has confirmed this, although the legal framework specifies that this has to be announced on the official “El Peruano” newspaper first. Chirinos Cuadros is a lawyer by trade, in possession of a Master degree on Touristic Businesses Management.  Her experience is lies within JICA, a Japanese corporation and the Ministry of International trade and tourism (MINCETUR), Organization where she has been working since 2007 as a counselor to the former Vice Minister of tourism Mercedes Aráoz and later on 2008 as the head of the national touristic development office.

Liz Chirinos

The new Cuzco- Santiago (Chile) flights

LATAM Airlines Peru announced the new non-stop flight Cuzco- Santiago (Chile), from August 18 of 2018 with departures on Thursdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The route will be delivered by a fleet of Airbus A319 with a capacity of 144 passengers each, offering 45 051 seats per year, seats that will start selling on May 25.


“As part of our commiment to provide the best conection for Latin American towns and the development of responsible tourism, we proudly announce our first non-stop flight to Santiago in August.” Said the Manager of LATAM Airlines Peru, Manuel Van Oort.

Source: T-News Perú

The Art Lima 2018 begging

The cultural week has begun the 2018 edition of the Art Lima festival was opened by Culture minister Patricia Balbuena’s speech this Wednesday night. This speech highlighted the importance of events like this for the creation of bonds with the global community. art lima

“This kind of events provide an art exchange platform for the ones involved on the art market. 53 Galleries and 17 countries take part of the Art Lima Event, proving that this platform keeps growing and that Peru is part of this Latin American and worldwide network”, said the Minister Balbuena.

Another news given during the opening speech of the Art Lima 2018 Festival, Peru’s attendance to the ARCOmadrid festival, one of the most important Art fairs in the world,  was made official.

The festival will be held from April 19th to the 22nd in the “Escuela superior de Guerra del Ejército” a military academy in the Chorrillos district, opening doors to the public from this Thursdays at 2:30 p.m

Source: El Comercio Newspaper

Tingana higlighted by the OAS and UNWTO


The world tourism organization (UNWTO) and the Organization of American States (OAS) highlighted the “Tingana” rural community tourism project, located on the Moyobamba district region of San Martin, as an outstanding example for the tourism industry and other touristic projects around the world.  This Achievement was possible thanks to the community’s exceptional touristic management and natural resource preservation, along with the Ministry of International Commerce and Tourism (MINCETUR) advice. Tingana

Tingana is known for their ecotouristic activities, becoming a sanctuary for local wildlife, specially Primates and birds, including endangered species, all protected by the community for the world to appreciate. This management of this income constitute the other ingredient for Tingana’s success, since 10% of the total income is given to the local families (a monthly income of 800 Soles), then 40% for maintenance and business expenses and finally 50% for forest preservation.

The MINCETUR pointed that this achievement was published on the “Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals” develop by both entities, this way Tingana is part of a total of 14 study cases that portrait the importance and potential of sustainable tourism as a mean for sustainable development and inclusive growth in the Americas.

Source: “Gestion” Newspaper

Marinera para todos and Sábados de Retreta

Trujillo city hall (MPT) on its endeavor to recover public spaces on our city, especially on the historical center, continues with its cultural programs through the tourism office and the programs “Marinera para todos” and “Retretas municipales”. maryenero3-01

retretaenero1-01Like every Friday starting at 10:30 a.m on la Merced , the “Marinera para todos” program will continue with the Marinera couples exhibitions, whose steps keep dazzling Trujillo’s inhabitant every weekend, besides the lessons on the basics of our traditional dance, which has become a national pride and one of Trujillo’s most recognizable manifestations worldwide.  The program is held on the traditional historical center of the city. 

In addition to this, the Plaza de armas is the scenario for the “Retretas”, a program that gathers performances of both the municipality’s musician band and dancers every Saturday at 6 p.m to provide good entertainment for our city and its visitors.  Program that highlights the beauty of one the best scenarios our city has, and the very best of local folklore: Marinera dance.

“Our goal is to gather both locals and visitors on the public spaces  our historical center provide, this spaces make providing cultural entertainment for everyone  possible” said the head of the tourism office Miram Gayoso.

It is also worth mentioning that last year’s 57 “Marinera para todos” editions gathered 11, 980 attendees; meanwhile the 46 “retretas” from last year gathered 22 090 participants who enjoyed the Saturday afternoon presentations.

 Source:  MPT informs

Macchu Pichu wins the Virtuoso Travel dreams Tournamet 2018

Macchu Picchu came out on the top of the Virtuoso travel dreams tournament 2018, the first contest held by the Virtuoso Travel blog, competition that gathered 16 top destination from around the world, giving the ancient Incan Citadel a bigger spotlight as one of the most desired destinations. After competing for 3 weeks and overcoming 4 voting rounds, our magnificent historic sanctuary surpassed destinations like the Swiss Alps, Paris, Greece, Tuscany and the Galapagos islands, amongst others, winning against New Zealand on the final round.  The Virtuoso life Blog described the destination as   “the fifteenth-century Incan citadel – is a worthy champion, with its towering green peaks and stunning mazes of plazas, palaces, terraces, and temples. Whether you choose to train it or trek it to this mystic city, Machu Picchu definitely deserves its dream trip status.” On its final announcement of the contest. The national office of Exports and tourism promotion PROMPERU announced the existence of the contest and encouraged travelers to vote for our destination, the same that is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Machu Picchu

Thanks to this achievement, Macchu Picchu will have a special feature on the next edition of the virtuoso life magazine, published by the Virtuoso network the one that gathers the best luxury travel agencies in US and over 17 and half thousand-travel advisors worldwide. This recognition adds up the series of honors the Incan citadel has achieved on recent years thanks to the large number of articles that classify it as one of the best places to visit and a must go destination. On the other hand, the citadel is one of the most posted places on Instagram, social network that tells multiple stories of users having their breaths taken away by beauty of the citadel.

As PROMPERU recently announced, 2017 was the year were Peru was consolidated as the favorite destination in South America for American Visitors with 598 685 arrivals, surpassing Colombia and Brazil that come on Second and Third place respectively. According to the International tourist profile, the US visitor spends around US$ 1485, meanwhile other international guests spend an average of  US$ 964, money usually spent on activities focused on culture, nature and adventure.



Touristic circuit on Easter

Trujillo received over 35 thousand visitors not only from Peru, but also from Japan, USA and Canada on this last Eastern eve. These guests enjoyed the multiple touristic options our city offers, in addition to the extra security brought up during the travelers season, as it was announced by Miriam Gayoso, the head of the tourism Office of Trujillo’s City Hall.

The Trujillo’s City hall on its own behalf organized the ‘Circuito Turístico de Iglesias por Semana Santa’ a touristical circuit designed for the architectural and historical appreciation of the old temples used for the evangelization of natives on the province. The visited sites were the “Señor de Huaman” temple on the Victor Larco District, “Divino Salvador” on Mansiche Avenue, “San Jose” on the road to Huanchaco right next to Chan Chan remaining and “Nuestra Señora del Socorro” on top of Huanchaco Beach.

“This is the second time a temple only tourist circuit is held, there are 132 Beneficiaries of these visits to the these buildings originally created with a Native evangelization porpoise back on colonial times”, manifested Miram Gayoso

The tourism officer also congratulated the citizens that took part of these visits since this show how Trujillo’s inhabitants are becoming even more interested on their Heritage. In that context, she also announced a patriotic route on the making, ready for the Independence Day eve.



Fundación Española de Trujillo

Un día como hoy 05 de marzo de 1535, el Adelantado y Gobernador Francisco Pizarro llegó a tierra Mochica a terminar la fundación de la Villa de Trujillo junto con 31 vecinos, disponiendo lo siguiente: Repartió el territorio creando la Encomienda, repartió los lotes para vivienda (solares). Designo al Primer Cabildo conformado por Rodrigo Lozano y Blas de Atienza, lo juramentó luego levanto el acta de Fundación. Trujillo cumple 483 años de Fundación Española.

fundacion de trujillo

Launch of the Vive Trujillo App

Trujillo counts today with a mobile application with category of “Destiny Guide”. It contains information about our city and its surroundings to guide visitors, tourists and even the Trujillanos themselves.
The Tourism Deparment of the MPT, made available to the community this important tool of current communication with information of tourist sites (museums, archaeological sites, houses, cultural centers, beaches) and service companies with Municipal Seal for Tourism Quality .It has special sections such as “Personalize your experience” where we can provide the user with alternatives to visit according to their requirements and time in the city and the “Trivia Trujillo” entertainment section to challenge our knowledge about the city.
Download it in

lanzamiento app vive trujillo (2)

lanzamiento app vive trujillo (1)

Remembering Dr. Santiago Uceda

One month is commemorated since the departure of the renowned and beloved archaeologist, teacher and researcher Santiago Uceda Castillo, who was in charge of the Huacas del Sol and Luna Archaeological Project and also the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National University of Trujillo .

The Faculty of Social Sciences of the university prepared a small reminder and summary in tribute to his long and successful career:

Santiago Evaristo Uceda Castilla Santiago Uceda

Meritorious Personality of the Peruvian Culture, denominated “The Lord of the Huacas de Moche”. He  borned on October 12th, 1954 in Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad. He graduated in Archeology from the National University of Trujillo; He obtained the degree of Magister in Quaternary Geology at the University of Bordeaux I and the degree of Doctor of Science at the same university. As part of his long professional career, in 1991 he began his work as Director of the Archaeological Project Huacas del Sol and de la Luna, for which he won important awards: Academic Palms in the Order of Knight and Queen Sofia Award for Conservation and Restoration of Heritage (Spain, 2005); Medal of Honor of the Congress of the Republic of Peru in recognition of his outstanding work in research and for the conservation and enhancement of the Huaca de la Luna (Peru, 2010); made the Huaca de la Luna Project one of the top ten projects in archeology worldwide by Shanghai Archeology Forum (China, 2013) and Meritorious Personality of Culture (Peru, 2013). He has also had the highest academic and professional performance as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and teacher at the School of Archeology of the National University of Trujillo, giving them their internationalization, always ensuring the academic quality; among others.

In short, Dr. Santiago Uceda Castillo was a renowned personality of archeology, museums, research and in the safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, for them, the academic, archaeological, museological, cultural and university community will always remember it.

Source: Facultad de Ciencias Sociales – UNT.