“Marinera Para Todos” Program sensitizes Chan Chan workers

The joy of the Marinera moved to Chan Chan. The typical dance of Trujillo integrated the workers of the Chayhuac An project of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex. The activity was carried out in coordination with the Sub-Management of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo and was developed during 90 minutes. The smiles were present in the faces of men and women who are part of the human team whose mission is to conserve our archaeological heritage.

“Marinera para todos” Program in Chayhuac An” aimed to sensitize the worker in the revaluation of the Intangible Heritage through learning the traditional dance of the Marinera strengthening the identity and motivating the learning of our national dance.


The director of the Special Chan Chan Archaeological Complex, María Elena Córdova Burga, said that this activity benefited 244 workers from the Chayhuac An Norte and Chayhuac An Sur Public Investment Projects and was promoted by the Chayhuac An social promoters in coordination with the Unit of Promotion and Citizen Participation of the Special Project Chan Chan Archaeological Complex.

The instructors were experienced dancers who make up the “Marinera para Todos” program of MPT. During this integration activity, the workers learned the main steps of this elegant dance that since 1986 is considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation. For this occasion were made handkerchiefs with the institutional logo.

The music was in charge of the Band of Musicians of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo.

Source: Portal Web Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de La Libertad

Huanchaco will receive thousands of tourists during the visit of Pope Francisco in 2018

The families of Huanchaco who live at the front of the esplanade where the mass will be offered by Pope Francisco next year, were willing to collaborate with the tourists and support the organizing committee with the preparations for the visit of the Holy Father to the city of Trujillo.

The  mayor of the district of Huanchaco, Jose Ruiz Vega, reported that there will be 30 hectares from the entrance to Huanchaquito to the height of the sports center where there will be a million and a half Catholic faithful.
Speaking to RPP Noticias, Federico Moran Zamudio, an 84 years old manknow that the Holy Father’s visit will be a few meters from his home and asked the Supreme Pontiff to bless the Trujillanos affected by the attacks of nature.


On the other hand, the mayor Jose Ruiz indicated that the mass in Huanchaco is scheduled for Saturday, January 20, 2018, at 10:00 am. He said that in December will conclude the work in his district to receive Pope Francisco.

Fuente: Portal Web de CANATUR.


“Turismo Emprende” Program of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

The next 08th of September will be closed the applications to the first call of the Program ‘Turismo Emprende’ of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), which offers S /. 10 million to finance new tourism ventures in Peru, as well as to strengthen those small businesses that are underway.
With this initiative, tourism entrepreneurs can realize the dream of their own business, mainly in the interior of the country, and they will also be able to see their small businesses grow. Any person – natural or legal – can compete to this fund through the web portal: www.turismoemprende.pe

“This fund will make it possible to realize the longing of many tourism entrepreneurs who see the possibility of improving or implementing lodging services, restaurants, horseback riding, trekking, campgrounds, tourist sights, tourist signage, among others, to give a greater satisfaction to visitor and, in addition, to diversify the tourist offer, such as, for example, rural community tourism, “said Mincetur.


It should be noted that these ventures generate higher economic income for families who depend on tourism and a unique experience for visitors.
In that sense, the Mincetur will accompany the entrepreneurs throughout the process. “That is one of the main conditions. We want the ventures to be worked properly and for this, we will give all the technical support possible, “explained the ministry


The “Turismo Emprende” program lasts for four years and expects to finance more than 100 projects. Each year, 2.5 million soles will be made available and it is hoped that over time the budget will increase.
“We invite all the people and associations close to tourist attractions with the potential to participate. In the website of Turismo Emprende you will be able to find the bases of the competition. The consultations can be made to the mail: consulta@turismoemprende.pe “, said the Mincetur.
In October, it is expected to start delivering the first funds to entrepreneurs, he added.

Source: CANATUR web site

“Marinera para todos” Program in Chan Chan

An special edition of “Marinera Para Todos” program of the Deputy of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo,  moved to the Chayhuac An Project of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex with the purpose of strengthening the identity of our national dance in the workers that work in the conservation of our cultural legacy.

marinera chan chan

Guided tours with educational institutions

Students of educational institutions Juan Pablo II of urb. Covicorti, Medalla Milagrosa of urb. La Rinconada e Ignacio Chopitea of Laredo district were able to learn and enrich their knowledge of the pre-Columbian culture of Chan Chan, thanks to the program Guided Tours of the Deputy of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo.

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Tourist Promotion of Trujillo in Cusco

To position our city as a tourist destination, the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, through the Deputy Manager of Tourism, he announced that a delegation of the mayor commune will visit the city of Cusco the 18th and 19th August, to form part of a shows where the main attractions of our city will be displayed.

It will be a delegation formed by 23 people, headed by the provincial mayor who will expose the different tourist offers to all Cusco citizens and national and international tourists.

Among the activities to be developed are the presentation of a conference on the Lady of Cao, our varied tourism, among other aspects.

In the same way is planned a visit to the tour operators, as well as the municipal program “Marinera para todos” in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

It should be noted that this work seeks to position Trujillo as an important city within the tourism sector and above all provide more details of the different attractions with which it counts.

Conferencia Trujillo en Cusco

Source: Gerencia de Imagen Institucional – MPT

The Minister presents “Peruanos Camiseta” Campaign to boost tourism.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros, today presents the “Peruanos Camiseta” campaign, an initiative of his portfolio to motivate a positive behavior change in the Peruvian and boost values around tourism.

They will participate prominent business and entertainment personalities, said the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).


Source: Agencia Peruana de noticias Andina

PROMPERÚ presents study on Gastronomic Tourism

The 59% of tourists consider that our gastronomy is one of the main motivators to visit Peru. The opinion of foreign tourists and experts related to tourism and gastronomy was considered.
PROMPERÚ presented the ‘Market Assessment for the Analysis of Gastronomic Tourism in Peru’, which points out that among the main motivators for tourists to visit us is our cuisine (59%), together with Machu Picchu (60%) and different natural landscapes (61%).

The study, which will strengthen the strategies to continue positioning Peru as an important gastronomic destination in the world, it was developed in two stages. The first, conducted at the Jorge Chávez International Airport through surveys, considered the opinions of 442 tourists from the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and France on their experience with Peruvian cuisine.


Among the results it is highlighted that the majority of tourists (82%) identify Peru as a gastronomic destination, presenting a greater knowledge and willingness to recommend our offer among Brazilians and Colombians. In addition, visitors highlighted the ceviche and lomo saltado as the most popular and highest level of liking dishes.

Among the products that are most related to Peru, fish and seafood stand out. Also, quinoa, a food with important nutritional properties, is becoming known among tourists (57%), and is associated to a greater extent to Peru, compared to other countries in the region. In the second stage of the study, the opinion of experts from the gastronomic and tourism sector of the Peruvian and Spanish markets was collected. They associate Peruvian food with cebiche, pisco sour, Gastón Acurio and the World Forum of Gastronomic Tourism held in Lima last year.

gastronomia peruana

In addition, experts highlight the work of renowned characters linked to the kitchen as the ambassadors of the Peru Virgilio Martínez Brand, Mitsuharu Tsumura, Marisa Guiulfo and Rafael Osterling, who have been important managers of the development and promotion of Peruvian cuisine. Finally, the study points out that there are elements such as fusion, diversity of climates, experimentation of new flavors and the positioning of well-known chefs that favor Peru as a gastronomic destination worldwide.

However, there are still outstanding tasks such as improving services and generating links between history and products.

Access the complete study by signing in http://www.promperu.gob.pe/turismoin/

Source: Dpto. de RRPP y Prensa de PROMPERÚ

“El Despertar de los Pueblos” exhibition is showing in the DDC

The collective exhibition called El Despertar de los Pueblos organized by the Cultural Association América Viva and the Decentralized Culture Direction of La Libertad in the framework of the 196th anniversary of the independence of our country and in homage to the novelist Juan Francisco Lezama Tirado will continue to be exhibited until August 11th at the José Sabogal Exhibition Hall of the regional headquarters of Culture. It is located in Independencia Street Nº572.
“Five painters and two sculptors have constructed highly sensitive images based on the apprehension of the violent conflict that painfully deprived our country. Each one of the works express with diverse emotional tessellation, different and contradictory experiential states, but all deeply human: violence, solidarity, tenderness, love which have been treated from the aesthetic dimension to emerge in images that move the viewer,”said María Elena Córdova Burga – Director of the Decentralized Culture Directorate of La Libertad.


Between the paintings that stand out they emphasize Canto a la solidaridad by Arturo Paredes Arteaga, La vida continua para todos of Luis Alarcon, Abigeo de Hector Suarez, Canción de los pájaros of Carlos Leon Cruz and Camino al Futuro en Libertad of Tatiana Carranza Quezada, likewise the sculptures of Beatriz López Suarez are exhibited .

“América Viva once again, with the support of the Decentralized Culture Directorate of La Libertad, it offers a vision of reality through the relationships that occur in two artistic expressions: literature and art, while generating The development of a stronger awareness of our individual and collective destiny, “said Wellinton Castillo Sanchez.
The exhibition is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 at the DDC La Libertad.

Source: Portal Web Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura La Libertad