Indecopi: travel agencies must comply with all offered

Indecopi reminded travel agency suppliers that they should provide all the information about the services included in the contracted tourist packages, since consumers have the right to have relevant and timely information to make an appropriate decision.
As part of its campaign “Vacaciones Seguras en Fiestas Patrias 2017”, the institution stressed that the tourist service must be provided under contracted conditions, since consumers can not be forced to pay sums or surcharges in excess of the reported price, unless Services other than the one originally contracted.
“Failure to comply with consumer protection rules may require a penalty ranging from a warning to a fine of 450 ITU, in serious cases,” warned Indecopi.

This entity revealed that, from July 2013 to June 2017, it has sanctioned 205 suppliers of 426 travel agencies and other transport services at the national level, amounting to 493 ITU, mainly due to lack of attention to complaints, lack of Suitability of the service, not to make available to the user the Book of Claims, among other faults to the Consumer Code.



Indecopi pointed out to consumers that they have purchased a package tour, take into account a series of tips to make your experience in this long holiday, be satisfactory:

-Contract a formal agency, giving payment forms or other document to support a possible complaint or complaint.
– Check the “Look who you buy” registry of Indecopi (, where you can verify if the chosen agency has been previously sanctioned.
– Verify that the agency has transportation service, tourist programs, as well as the availability of places to be visited, in order to avoid non-compliance with itineraries and schedules.
– Have clear information on flight stopovers, airport charges, luggage limits, appropriate clothing, distances to the destination hotel, among others.
– Advertisements for package promotions should include clear information on the minimum number of units available.
– If the agency can not comply with what is offered, the consumer is entitled to the replacement of the service contracted by another similar service or to the total repayment of the paid.
– If you feel that your rights as a consumer have been violated, you can turn to the Claims Book, which currently allows conciliatory agreements, for the direct solution of conflicts between suppliers and consumers.

It also reminded that the Citizen’s Service of Indecopi is available to you, by phone 224-7777 for Lima and 0800-4-4040 for regions, sending an email to o presentando su reclamo de forma virtual a través del aplicativo móvil “Reclamos Indecopi”, gratis para los dispositivos Android.

Improvement of the Main Square of Trujillo

Improvement project of Tourist Services of the Main Square of Trujillo, Historical Center considers the total return of almost 9,700 square meters of polished concrete floor for concrete floor mechanical finishing with material that keeps the two characteristics of existing pavement most valued by the user that are the glossy finish and tonality.

The floor and a great part of the urban furniture is in regular and poor state of conservation, presenting settlement and cracks that puts at risk the physical integrity of passers-by, especially of the elderly, pregnant women and people with disabilities is also observed, lack of maintenance in benches, street lamps, green areas and paper mills.

The intervention project presented by the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo also proposes the authorization of 3 new lampposts, in addition to the relocation, maintenance and painting of the 48 existing lampposts, installation of 51 metal halide lamps and 47 decorative luminaires for green areas.

plaza mayor

The specialists of the Decentralized Direction of Culture of La Libertad will be in charge of supervising the project of improvement of the Plaza de Armas de Trujillo that will execute in the next months the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, and according to the technicians of said institution the relocation of Some luminaires located in the central axes, will facilitate the free pedestrian transit.

The project does not include the intervention to the monument of La Libertad, and complies with what is established by the National Building Regulations and the rules in force for interventions in real estate that are part of the cultural heritage.


“Perú: Tesoro Escondido” documentary

Peru: Tesoro Escondido ‘, an 80-minute documentary film that will be released in November of this year and it will promote the wonders of our country at an international level, PROMPERÚ reported.

The film has been directed by the Uruguayan filmmaker Luis Ara Hermida and will announce the most recognized icons, as well as the lesser known treasures of Peru. During 2016 and early 2017 the production team traveled throughout our country to film the entire coast and its main beaches. It also visited the main archaeological sites, such as Machu Picchu, but also entered places difficult to reach and little known to the general public. In addition, impressive images of the sunset were recorded in the desert of Ica and dawn in the Amazon jungle.

De esta forma, el documental mostrará los hermosos paisajes peruanos en Perú y Latinoamérica, en una primera etapa, promoviendo nuestros destinos para el turismo y la Marca Perú a nivel internacional. En nuestro país se podrá ver en cines y a nivel internacional, a través de la señal del cable y las plataformas de Video on Demand (VOD).

El documental tiene como principales protagonistas a la naturaleza, los paisajes y la geografía del Perú, pero también realiza un recorrido por la cultura culinaria, las playas, la Cordillera, la Amazonía y la herencia cultural de las civilizaciones que habitaron nuestro país.


It begins the air route Trujillo – Cusco

This July 18th will be the first flight of the direct route Trujillo-Cusco and vice versa, which will be offered by Latam, a company that has great expectations in this area, as it expects to carry 3 thousand passengers a month and about 18 thousand people At the end of this year.
Initially there will be three weekly frequencies: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but with the passage of time a daily flight could be established.

Company representatives say that by opening prices of airfare round trip will cost $ 67; That is, each ticket will be approximately s / 119.
Flights to Trujillo will depart at 3 pm and arrive in Cusco at 5 pm, while in Cusco depart at 12:30 p.m. and arrive in our city at 2:25 p.m


PROMPERÚ promotes trips through National Holidays

The travel portal presented more than 300 packages with up to 50% discount valid during the long weekend of Patriotic Holidays for the whole country in the framework of the tactical campaign ‘The colors of Peru’.

This strategy takes the post of #VamosPalNorte, a campaign that reactivated tourism in the aforementioned macro-region during the month of June, inviting travelers to enjoy the colors of the regions of Ancash, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Piura, Tumbes, Cajamarca, Amazonas, San Martin and Loreto with attractive offers.

Sin título

In the framework of ‘The Colors of Peru’, PROMPERÚ organized various promotional activities in the northern, central and southern destinations of the country, such as the Mini Short Routes Fair from Lima, which took place between 8th and 9th July in Plaza Nova Shopping Center Jockey Plaza.

Source: Promperú

UNESCO about Machu Picchu

Unesco withdraws its intention to inscribe Machu Picchu on the List of World Heritage in Danger.
“This approval was unanimous, there was not even debate or discussion, which means that Unesco withdraws its intention to inscribe Machu Picchu on the List of World Heritage in Danger,” said Vidal Pino Zambrano, head of that institution, since the city of Krakow, Poland.


He emphasized that one of the documents approved by the Peruvian State in order to raise Unesco’s observations is the Regulation on Sustainable Use and Tourist Visit for the Conservation of the Inca Llaqta of Machu Picchu, which establishes the entry into two shifts, In force since July 1st.

Furthermore, the Decentralized Cultural Department of Cusco announced yesterday that delegates from the 21 member countries of the World Heritage Committee of Unesco, adopted by consensus the report on the state of conservation of the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture and the Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco expressed their satisfaction after learning that Unesco yesterday withdrew its intention to inscribe Machu Picchu on the List of World Heritage in Danger.


6th International Book Fair of Trujillo

The 6th edition of the Trujillo International Book Fair – FILT 2017 was announced with great anticipation, through various digital platforms, which is scheduled to take place in November. With this announcement, preparations for this reading party organized by the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo (MPT) begin in 2015.

facebook_1499701568968The fair will be held from 12th to 22nd November and it will stage again at the Main Square in our city. In addition, it was reported that the theme of this edition will be the 125th anniversary of the birth of César Vallejo, a universal poet who despite being considered one of the greatest innovators of poetry of the twentieth century and the greatest exponent of letters in our country, Has not yet received the tribute that his work is the theme of a book fair.

v-feria-internacional-del-libro-en-trujilloAs it is remembered, in 2015 the provincial commune assumed the organization of the FILT with the purpose of positioning it as a cultural event and to remove the commercial qualifier, in addition to the proceeds from the rental of the stands, the Municipal Editorial Fund ), Which has been carrying out projects to disseminate the work of national and regional writers; And that will continue to be strengthened with what is collected in each edition.

It was also informed that publishers, libraries, institutions, distributors and cultural associations that wish to be part of the FILT 2017 can communicate to the mail to register and go through a selection process. In the same way, a forthcoming call will be announced for authors who want to participate in the cultural program.


At the moment, the general information of the event is in the web page and the social networks of the same. In the coming weeks the guests and the complete program will be known.


Machu Picchu celebrates 10 years as world wonder

The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu will be celebrated twice today, celebrating its tenth anniversary of being chosen as one of the “Seven New Wonders of the Modern World” and celebrating its departure from the List of World Heritage in Danger of Unesco.
Institutions such as the Municipality of Machu Picchu and Cusco Police Directorate were the first to greet the tenth anniversary of our world wonder, while the public expresses its appreciation through social networks.


The New7Wonders Foundation today commemorates the “Day of the 7 Wonders” for the tenth anniversary of its international campaign, where millions of people voted to select the seven finalists, including the Inca citadel.

machu-picchu_classic_casa_andina_machu_picchu_cusco10 YEARS OF NEW 7 WONDERS

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the election of Machu Picchu and six other monuments around the world as the “7 New Wonders of the Modern World”, an initiative organized by the New7Wonders Foundation, which has generated more than US $ 5 billion in Economic value, tourism and promotion for the places that host these estates.

To honor the “Day of the 7 Wonders” are available for download a series of posters and videos where these wonders appear on the website:


Peru and Chile boost tourism, culture and border development

Peru and Chile sign agreements to boost tourism, culture and border development. The presidents of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, and Chile, Michelle Bachelet, today headed the First Binational Cabinet between the governments of both countries, culminating in the signing of the Lima Declaration.

This document contains the agreements established in this historic meeting, including topics related to the development of border areas, increase of binational tourism and promotion of culture.


In this statement, the governments of Peru and Chile expressed their satisfaction with the commitments agreed on in the various working areas, which will allow the consolidation of a comprehensive bilateral agenda and progress towards a new stage of the bilateral relationship, with a vision of future.

peru-chile-declaracion01-070717 (1)

They welcomed the holding, between November 2016 and June 2017, of a number of bilateral meetings that have strengthened cooperation in the areas of defense, environment, culture, education, energy, mining, international cooperation and border integration, among others .


The Lady of Cao’s face

On Tuesday, July 4th, the Minister of Culture, Salvador del Solar, presided the ceremony that revealed the face of Ms. Cao, a powerful leader of Prehispanic Peru, after 10 months of intense work by the archaeologists of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. Wiese Foundation and FARO Technologies.

In addition, it has managed to reproduce an exact replica of the body of the mummy and document with precision the Huaca Cao Viejo in 3D Laser high technology, a monument of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex which housed the remains of this exceptional woman until 2005, when it was discovered in the province of Ascope, La Libertad.

dama de cao

This research project is a new effort to preserve, document, investigate and disseminate global cultural legacy of these invaluable archaeological evidence.

In doing so, the Wiese Foundation also hopes to promote visits to the El Brujo Archaeological Complex and thus contribute to the development and well-being of the communities that live in its area of influence.