UPN Student Training

On Wednesday, April 26th of this year, staff from the Tourism Office of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo conducted a training course aimed at students of the School of Administration and Tourism Services of the Universidad Privada del Norte, where topics were developed : “Tourist Information” and “Municipal Tourist Management”.

The training took place at 4:00 p.m. in the main auditorium of this educational institution.



¡Muévete Perú! Travel from April 29th to May 1st

With the purpose of encouraging internal tourism during the next long weekend, from April 29th to May 1st, PromPerú launched the campaign ¡Muévete Perú! with offers in tourist packages to various regions of the country.

This initiative seeks to promote mainly the tourist destinations of the regions of Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Áncash, which are overcoming the effects of the El Niño Coastal phenomenon.

In addition, it promotes Peruvian tourist travel not only from Lima to provinces, but also between provinces or interregional ones, highlighting the importance of tourist activity in the economic reactivation through the message #ElTurismoAyuda.

PromPerú has information and assistance services to the iPerú tourist throughout the country, which can be accessed 24 hours a day via e-mail: iperu@promperu.gob.pe and the telephone number: 574-8000.

Archeological Exposition : Regional Heritage

Archeology: Regional Heritage is an exhibition conceived thanks to the joint work between the Cultural Center of the Bank of the Nation and various local institutions It was designed under the direction of the archaeologist Gabriel Prieto. This exhibition aims to show the achievements and results obtained in our region in the field of research and enhancement of archaeological resources.

In the rooms you can appreciate the work done in the archaeological sites and their actors, the work in laboratory and also can know the most important archaeological research projects that are being carried out in the La Libertad region.

This exhibition is in the facilities of the Cultural Center of the Bank of the Nation and will be available until May 28th of this year.


Source: Cultural Center of the Bank of the Nation.

Perú Travel Mart 2017

The Peru Travel Mart Promotion Commission (PROMPERÚ) and the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR) will carry out the Peru Travel Mart, the most important strategic marketing meeting of the tourism sector in the country, which brings together international buyers and national sellers of the tourist offer.

This year, a total of 135 international tourism operators from 33 countries will attend and it will be held on May from 5th to 8th at the Lima Convention Center.


Source: http://www.infoturperu.com.pe


Domestic tourism in the north of the country has been affected by various natural disasters, which is why the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism will launch two promotional programs to encourage the growth of tourism, one of these programs is ” Muévete Perú “, which will start on April 20th of this year and will promote tourist destinations in the regions of Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Áncash. The objective of “Muevete Perú” is to encourage trips during the three days of long holiday that will be between April 29th and 30 and May 1st, for this will be a study to know which were the least favored destinations in Easter, In order to prioritize them during the promotional campaign.


Source: http://tnews.com.pe

MINCETUR launches “Vamos Pal Norte” Campaign

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros Küppers, arrived in Trujillo at the weekend and toured the health resort of Huanchaco, as well as the archaeological site Chan Chan.
In an interview with Correo newspaper, he stated that despite all the attacks of nature, these tourist spots are suitable for receiving the public and announced the repowering of tourist attractions. In the same line, announced the launch of the campaign “Vamos pal Norte”, which seeks to revive tourism and economy in this area of Peru.


As a measure aimed at reviving tourism, affected by the recent natural disasters of the El Niño coastal phenomenon, the main airlines in the country will reduce the price of their tickets to the northern cities by 50%.

That reduction will be in the framework of the campaign Vamos Vamos Norte, which will be launched from May 1 and will run until July 15th, before the national holidays.

Source: TNews

Peru stands out in the main coffee fairs of the world

Peruvian producers will be present at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2017 (formerly SCAA) in the United States and at the World of Coffee in Hungary.

In order to position Peru as a producer of special coffees in the world, important delegations of producers and entrepreneurs of the sector will participate this year in two important international fairs, such as the Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2017 and the World of Coffee, Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism – PROMPERÚ.


The Global Specialty Coffee Expo 2017 (formerly SCAA) will be held April 20-23 in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is considered the main fair in the world dedicated to specialty coffees that brings together more than 9,000 visitors and 3,100 exhibitors from 50 countries.

Also, for the first time, Peru will be in the World of Coffee to be held from 13 to 15 June in Budapest, Hungary. This is an exhibition in which more of 200 innovative coffee suppliers of the world participate. Within this framework, there are competitions, symposia and workshops, among others.

According to the Agribusiness Department of PROMPERÚ, coffee is the main product of Peruvian agroexport.
In 2016 generated US $ 759 million, which represented an increase of 25% over the previous year. The United States is the main destination market with 30% of total shipments.

Strengthening the Tourist Activity in Trujillo

On Tuesday, April 11th, a press conference was held chaired by the MPT Tourism Deputy and the Chamber of Tourism Organizations of La Libertad – CADETUR, to publicize the activities being carried out to promote Tourism in the province of Trujillo after the events by the phenomenon of “Niño Costero”.


35 artisans in Peru Fashion and Peru Gift Show

This year Peru Moda and Peru Gift Show will have a special edition thanks to the participation of 35 artisans from twelve regions of the country, which show the best of their work in jewelry and decoration, also they will have the opportunity to offer their products to more than 1,200 buyers, between national and international.

Inside these fairs you will be able to find decoration in ceramics, painting, stamping, dyeing, vegetal fiber, mate hides and skins, mate; As well as carpets and carpets, imagery, works in precious and non precious metals.

These events are organized by Promperú with the support of the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) and Foreign Affairs, the Peruvian Exporters Association (ADEX), the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) and the National Society of Industries (SNI).


Source: www.facebook.com/notes/promperú-oficial