Works by Picasso in Casa de la Emancipacion

Thanks to the joint work of the Fundación BBVA Continental and the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER), Trujillo audience will have the opportunity to appreciate the original engravings of the famous Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso: “EL ENTIERRO DEL CONDE DE ORGAZ” y “LA FLAUTA DOBLE”.

This exhibition is being held in the facilities of La Casa de la Emancipacion. It is located in Jr. Pizarro No. 610, Historical Center of Trujillo. It’s admission is free.


Tourist Flow 2016

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism released the total number referring to the flow of visitors that our country had during the year 2016, which was the number 3 744 461 people. This result represents a growth of 8.4%, compared to the total number of tourists registered in 2015, whose figure was 3,455,709. December was one of the months of greatest growth (12.2%) and the third of the year In which there were more arrivals, after July (365 320) and August (339 081).

These are the 20 main markets of foreign tourists in 2016.



Seal of Tourism Quality

Returning with its normal activities, the Department of Tourism continues with its campaign to improve the quality services of tourism companies. It is that within the framework of the Project “Certification Municipal Seal to the Tourist Quality”, the Municipal Seal was delivered to the Travel and Tourism Agency “Peru Together”. Our commitment is to continue working for a competitive destination.


Cultural Center and Red Cross Provide support

La Fundación Cultural del Banco de la Nación se junta con la Cruz Roja de Trujillo, para brindar apoyo a los damnificados, en especial, a las personas vecinas o transeúntes de la ciudad.
El Centro Cultural ha implementado un Consultorio de Emergencia de atención primaria, a cargo de cuatro médicos generales que atenderán las especialidades de medicina general, pediatría, cirugía menor (curación y suturas de heridas) y gineco-obstetricia (control pre natal).

Se atiende, en forma completamente gratuita, de lunes a sábado, en horario de 8am. a 12pm. y de 1pm. a 5pm.
La dirección de este Consultorio de Emergencia es: Centro Cultural del Banco de la Nación, Jr. Orbegoso 652, a un costado de la iglesia de San Agustín, en el Centro Histórico de Trujillo.



Viva Air Peru starts their flights

Viva Air Peru confirmed through its twitter account that its flights will begin next May 9th, as it is known, this company will provide commercial aviation service at low cost (low cost airline), for prices ranging from S / 60.

The routes that will initially cover are the following:

  • Arequipa – Tacna – Arequipa
  • Cusco – Arequipa – Cusco
  • Cusco – Puerto Maldonado – Cusco
  • Lima – Cusco – Lima
  • Lima – Arequipa – Lima
  • Lima – Piura – Lima
  • Lima – Iquitos – Lima
  • Lima – Tarapoto – Lima
  • Lima – Trujillo – Lima
  •  Lima – Chiclayo – Lima
  • Tarapoto – Iquitos – Tarapoto



Let’s clean Trujillo

Let’s clean Trujillo was born from the initiative of the citizens themselves to recover the adornment of our city, to contribute to the recovery of Trujillo as the city of Eternal Spring, that is why the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo joined this valuable campaign that brought together To more than 1000 volunteers, who gathered in the main square to organize themselves in groups to carry out cleaning work.

The Trujillanos stood up after the 07 overflows of the San Ildefonso gorge that affected the city and left several losses.

This was not only appreciated in the historical center but also in several sectors of Trujillo.

#UnaSolaFuerza #ContigoTrujillo #LimpiemosTrujillo



Launch campaign of solidarity “Empresarios Liberteños en Acción”

The Chamber of Commerce and Production of La Libertad (CCPLL) and the National Society of Industries (SNI) have been carrying out the “Empresarios Liberteños en Acción” campaign to promote and channel the humanitarian aid of businessmen and industrialists associated with both guild institutions. For various reasons, they have not yet been able to provide aid to the 26,180 victims and 44,006 affected in our region, according to COER – La Libertad.

“We express our congratulations, pride and gratitude to all business associates who despite being affected, are promoting solidarity campaigns independently, for the benefit of the affected populations of our region; Demonstrating their high level of altruism and generosity, virtues that in this lamentable situation fill us with faith and hope, “said Hermes Escalante, president of the CCPLL. It should be noted that many companies are collaborating in solidarity and responsible with machinery, food and humanitarian aid.

Collection centers:

Meanwhile, the CCPLL together with the Trujillo Archdiocese, make available six strategic collection centers for the reception of donations: Santa Lucia de Moche Parish (Diego Ferre S / N Plaza de Armas – Moche), El Divino Salvador Parish 220 – Mansiche), Sagrado Corazon Parish (Cayetano Heredia N 233-235 – Los Granados), Madre de Cristo Parish (Cochrane 1280, La Esperanza – Upper Part), San Martín de Porres Parish (Moche Av 999 – Urb Santa Maria I Stage) and the Parish Lord of Mercy (La Flor de la Canela D4 – El Golf).

At these points they can deliver water, non-perishable food, personal care and cleaning tools, tents, awnings and plastics or provide equipment such as motor pumps, tools, generators, building materials, among others. For more information, please contact 044-484210 attachments 20, 24 and 57 or by e-mail at


“Una sola fuerza” Website reports on emergencies

The president of the Council of Ministers (PCM) Fernando Zavala, announced on Saturday the launch of the website called ‘Una sola fuerza’ that aims to keep the public informed about all the details surrounding the natural disasters that are plaguing the country.

The website is divided into five sections: Actions, safety recommendations, complaints, point of collection and donations. Citizens can select any box according to their needs.

“We are launching this page so that all people can enter there to have the exact information of what is happening in the country,” said Fernando Zavala.

The Council of Ministers reiterated through its Twitter page that “when a whole country joins to help, it generates #UnaSolaFuerza impossible to win.”


Recovering the Historical Center

After suffering 7 overflows of the waters of the San Ildefonso creek (from the district of El Porvenir), much of the city has been flooded, covered with mud and in some areas with dust, for this reason the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo has started the cleaning work to rescue our historical center.

SEGAT personnel have been distributed throughout various parts of the center and the city to carry out these works that help to recover the decoration of Trujillo and at the same time to prevent the health problems that could affect the citizenship because of the rest of soil that have left the constant overflow.

#UnaSolaFuerza #ContigoTrujillo


PromPerú join together artists in #UnaSolaFuerza Campaign

Artists from the HEAT Peru festival joined the #UnaSolaFuerza campaign. Singers such as Fanny Lu, Mike Bahía, Sebastian Yatra and Deyvis Orosco motivated the public to continue supporting the victims of the floods.
Se presentó también ‘Una sola fuerza’, una canción que apela a la solidaridad de todos los peruanos.
PROMPERÚ anunció que, como un ejemplo de la hermandad latinoamericana, destacados artistas como Fanny Lu, Mike Bahía, Marielle, Martina La Peligrosa, Sebastián Yatra, Alkilados y Deyvis Orozco, se unieron a la campaña #UnaSolaFuerza para motivar al público a que sigan colaborando con las donaciones para los damnificados por las inundaciones en diferentes regiones del país.
De esta forma, los cantantes estuvieron presentes en La Videna de San Luis participando en actividades como firma de autógrafos y tomas fotográficas con todas las personas que se acercaban a dejar sus donaciones en dicho centro de acopio.
Esta oportunidad también sirvió para presentar la canción ‘Una sola fuerza’, una iniciativa que reúne a los artistas antes mencionados y cuya letra busca motivar a las personas e instituciones a que sigan apoyando en un momento donde muchos peruanos todavía necesitan de nuestra ayuda.
La canción fue producida y compuesta por Master Chris.
Es importante destacar que los derechos de la canción, grabada en los estudios de Deyvis Orozco, han sido cedidos para que los medios de comunicación puedan compartirla como parte de la campaña #UnaSolaFuerza.
Hay que recordar que los artistas que han brindado su apoyo, iban a participar en el Festival HEAT Perú, un evento presentado por la cadena de cable HTV y PROMPERÚ, el cual fue postergado por la difícil coyuntura que vive el país.
una sola fuerza