Flights Trujillo – Chachapoyas

The airline Air Mojoro opens its non-scheduled air transport service (air taxi mode), linking the main cities of north-east Peru with the coast, so that from March 2nd of this year will start flights from Trujillo to the cities of Chachapoyas, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Rioja, Tarapoto, Juanjuí and Jaen.

The flight rates range from $ 90 to $ 110, and also have departures from Lima and Chiclayo.

The point of sale of tickets in our city is located in Jr. Pizarro Nº 671 office 17.

Peru is the 3rd most attractive destination in the UK

The English magazine “Wanderlust” selected Peru as the third most attractive tourist destination, this selection was made based on an annual survey among more than 100 thousand readers of this medium in 112 countries.

The Wanderlust Travel Awards took place in the city of London in early February and the award was received by the Commercial Counselor of Peru in this city, Jaime Cárdenas, representing the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism ( Mincetur).

Source: Boletín OCEX Nº 75 (Oficinas Comerciales del Perú en el Exterior) – MINCETUR

wanderlust travel awards 2017

OMT- Standard of Accessible Tourism for All

The ONCE Foundation, the Spanish Standardization Association, UNE and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) held the first working meeting to prepare an International Standard for Tourism accessible to all.


The future Standard will be called: “ISO 21902 Tourism and related services – Accessible tourism for all, requirements and recommendations”. This regulation will be under the responsibility of the Technical Committee TC 228, in charge of tourism and related services within the framework of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and is expected to be approved in 2018.

Source: SmartTravelNews

Oath of the AGOTUR Directive

On Wednesday, February 22nd of this year, the Association of Official Guides of Tourism La Libertad swore to its new board of directors, headed by its president, Mrs. Pamela Cayetano, in this ceremony was also attended by the main Authorities related to Tourism, Tourism Sub-Management and Local Economic Development Management of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo and the Sub-Management of Tourism of the Regional Government La Libertad.

agotur 2017

International Campaign “Peru, a country of hidden treasures”

International campaign in social networks allowed to position the image of the country in the world. It was developed last year through Facebook and Instagram in markets such as the United States, Germany, France, South Korea, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

PROMPERÚ announced that the international campaign “Peru, a country of hidden treasures” that launched in social networks managed to position the image of the country as a tourist destination in important international markets, which was worth to be considered by Facebook as a case of success worldwide.

The campaign was developed during 2016 for Facebook and Instagram users from countries such as the United States, Germany, France, South Korea, Argentina, Chile and Brazil, who were invited to visit Peru, a country with incredible treasures for discover.

As part of the strategy in social networks, with inspiring images and videos, we sought to position our country as the place where one is rediscovered and known through experiences and, through a modern, real and tangible communication, Making Peru a recommended destination abroad with a diverse offer.

Undoubtedly, the results of the study are important because they allow us to understand that the position of Peru as a tourist destination in each market is different and, for this reason, requires specific strategic actions to capture the attention of the different segments of the prioritized countries.

Superfoods Perú, Campaña PromPerú

Peruvian organic products can be seen today at the Biofach fair. Event continues with the international distribution of the brand Superfoods Peru.

With the purpose of consolidating products such as quinoa, maca and sacha inchi, as well as presenting a new exportable offer, more than 100 Peruvian entrepreneurs are present at Biofach 2017, the main organic products fair that opened its doors today in Nuremberg, Germany.

During the inauguration of the stand in Peru, Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Edgar Vásquez said that Biofach has an important impact for small and medium-sized Peruvian companies that participate and that have the certifications required by the European market as Fairtrade and organic.

In addition, in this edition we present new products such as the chocolate bar from Piura, Cusco and San Martín, sacha inchi protein powder, nuts and fruit powder and pre-mixes of muffins, organic purple corn snacks, maca chip And quinoa crips, as well as organic fruit puree for infants and organic cocoa honey.

The main products are banana, cocoa, quinoa, coffee and ginger. Among those who have shown greater dynamism in the last year are chia, aguaymanto, ginger and camu camu.
The most demanding markets of this line are the United States, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

This brand seeks to position organic foods that in addition to their nutritional qualities possess characteristics that contribute to health.
Biofach is an excellent opportunity to present the Peruvian offer with the brand Superfoods Peru. Each edition of this fair brings together representatives from 130 countries, among the 2,300 exhibitors and 48,000 visitors.

“Marinera Para Todos” Third Festival

It will be held on February 11th at the Inca Coliseum from 4 pm.

Contará con la presentación de coreografías grupales y de parejas a cargo de las agrupaciones D’ Sangre Peruana, Herencia de Campeones, Orgullo Trujillano, Orígenes Moche, Ricardo Llerena, Abraham Rosales y el Centro del Adulto Mayor de Essalud Trujillo, entre otras. Asimismo, campeones de marinera como Gino Morales Padilla.

Tras la muestra, los asistentes recibirán clases gratuitas. El evento tendrá el marco musical a cargo del cantautor de marinera y productor de los discos de marinera cantada ‘Arriba las Palmas’, Guillermo Martínez Vargas; y con la música en vivo de la Banda de la MPT y de la Policía Nacional del Perú.


“Este es un show de ingreso libre que busca contribuir a la difusión de nuestro baile de bandera y a su vez fortalecer la identidad cultural de la población local”, manifestó la Subgerente de Turismo de la MPT, Miriam Gayoso Paredes.

La finalidad es acercar la marinera al pueblo a través de espectáculos gratuitos de este baile; llevándola a las calles y plazas; sin tener que recurrir a grandes sumas de dinero para poder asistir a espectáculos privados.

En esta edición se espera superar a la cifra de participantes del 2016, la cual fue de más de mil 500 asistentes entre trujillanos y visitantes nacionales y extranjeros.

14th Fair per Day of Pisco Sour

The Provincial Municipality of Trujillo through the Tourism Department co-organized the event of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of La Libertad (CCPLL), attended by around 10,000 people, both locals and tourists, and celebrated

the 14th Pisco Sour and 13th Gastronomic Festival of Trujillo

For the first time, the contest was held on the main esplanade of the Mall  Plaza on Saturday, February 4th from 11:00 a.m.

1 (2)The event was attended by 40 Trujillana companies, most representative of the tourism sector, including restaurants, cevicherías, cafes, confectioneries, gastronomic schools, bars and similar; which made use of modern, spacious and safe infrastructure stands.

Attendees tasted delicious typical dishes, such as kid, guinea pig, ceviche, pig to the cylinder, jungle food, cremoladas and the different varieties of pisco sour.


Trujillo chosen as Best Tourist Destination 2017

According to the ranking “Best Value City Index” by the world famous Trivago hotel search, Trujillo has been chosen as the second best destination to visit South America in 2017 and as the first place nationally.
This selection was based on the best price and quality destinations worldwide in the hotel sector.