Workshops in School Tourism Clubs

The Sub-Management of Tourism has been running several workshops belonging to the “Club de Turismo Escolar” program, 700 students have benefited from primary level of different educational institutions in the province during the year 2016 .
Currently, the Craft Workshop in Recycling is being carried out, this workshop will benefit 150 schoolchildren. It is made of cardboard and disposable bottles, which will  be converted into frames and cartridges, always taking into account the cultural identity that is transmitted through the designs.
Previously, the workshops of marinera, pottery and drawing and painting were also very successful, also as part of the same program.

Third Peruvian Congress of Tourism – CONPETUR AREQUIPA 2016

It is one of the most representative events of the tourism sector. It is oriented to students and professionals in tourism. It was organized by the  San Agustín de Arequipa National University.

The Provincial Municipality of Trujillo, through the Sub-Management of Tourism was present in the development of this event, through the participation of the Deputy Manager, Lic. Miriam Gayoso Paredes with the presentation: “Municipal Public Policy of Responsible Tourism”, held on Tuesday November 7th at the Metropolitan Palace of Fine Arts Mario Vargas Llosa.


“Trujillo Turístico” Graphic Display

“Trujillo Turístico: Heritage, Culture and Identity “. It is the graphic sample that resulted from the joint work of the Cultural Center of the Banco de la Nacion of Trujillo and the Sub-Management of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo. And evolution of the tourist activity of the province and the aims to promote and strengthen the cultural identity of the local population and at the same time show the cultural richness of the same to national and foreign visitors.
This exhibition will be available until November 30th at the Cultural Center of the Banco de la Nación of Trujillo, located at Jr. Orbegoso N ° 652.
Visiting Hours: Monday to Sunday – from 9:00 to 13:00. and  16:00 to 18:00  and holidays. Free admission.

Trujillo in Paris – France

Representing Trujillo, the Sub-Management of Tourism of the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo was present at the X European Congress of Seafarers 2016, an event organized in Paris by the Association Culturelle La Libertad (ACLL).

Our city was represented by Miriam Gayoso Paredes, Deputy Tourism Manager, who made the presentation: “Trujillo, exceptional witness of History, Cultural Aesthetics, Literature and Politics of Peru” on October 28 of this year and that took place at the Maison Amerique Latine.